Our aim is to get a "Thank You" from our customers.
Do not hesitate to accept new challenge, open the bright future by moving forward.
We are expanding our business in advertisement business, IT business, human resource matching business, etc.


We established our business in February 2005 and began to publish free magazines with a lot of local advertisements. Our business has expanded and spread into a few different directions in order to match customers' needs along with the trend. Throughout those years of our business expansion, we have focused on “to be appreciated by our customers.” The expansion of our business seems to have no relevance to each other. However, you will see in our business strategy in 20 years. Just like small dots connect together to become lines, and those lines will come cross each other to appear as a surface.


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Corporate philosophy

OTis,Inc. is a business aggregate that pursues profits and contributes to society through business that receives "thank you" from all customers.

Capital - ¥20,000,000.00
Employees - 74
Certificate of License of Charged Employment
Placement Businesses (in Japan):


Hokkaido City

[Head Office]

2-3-1 Yayoicho, Tomakomai-shi,
hokkaido, Japan
Tokyo City

Tokyo Branch

#13F GINZA SIX 6-10-1 Ginza,
chuo-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan
Manila City

Philippine Branch

#610-A.Dona Felisia
Syjuco Building.1872 Remedios Street
Cor. Taft Ave Malate Manila


Otis Japan Image
As it was mentioned earlier, our corporate philosophy is to be appreciated by our customer. Have you ever experienced as a customer feeling grateful for the service you were given even though you paid for it? Have you ever said or felt “thank you” for getting a service. Have you ever had the service that made you feel special and want to be back for it? Then you must have liked the service and want to become a repeated customer. This feeling is what we are seeking in our business and it leads to our customers’ satisfaction. Another of our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society and make a profit by our customers’ satisfactions. I believe a company should be committed to share and give back wealth to society to create job opportunities. Paying taxes from our profit is also mandatory to the community growth and development. I also believe our employees should put the most priority for themselves “not to work for the company.” I want them to have own dreams and use the company to make their dream come true. I don’t agree with people distinguishing their work lives and private lives. Either lives are still yours, your lives itself. It would be much grateful if you have balanced both lives. Like many famous people in history said, life is short when it passed. You may face difficulty in time but you should never give up! Trying something won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. It’s exhausting but rewarding. “Cherish your yesterday, dream your tomorrows and live your todays” to make your life bright and progressive. At the end, based on our company philosophy we will enhance our business to fit the needs of our society. Every turning point we face, we will emphasis our view on “who and what we do with, who we want to make happy.” As we have said seeking a profit is mandatory. But it doesn’t mean to make a profit without distinction. We always bear in mind to have an appreciation from our customers. We aim to provide a great surprise of “what is it!?” to seek our customer satisfaction to make ourselves grow. Dec 1st 2018
OTis Corporation
President Hisashi Oomiya

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